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Security testing

Find your security loophoples before adversaries do

Security testing

A hygiene factor for your business

Today, security tests have become a hygiene factor in order to be able to provide secure services and meet the requirements facing businesses. As the biggest player in security testing in the Nordic region, we do not just identify and report gaps in an efficient manner, we can also provide recommendations for how to strengthen your security efforts over time

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Leader in security testing in Sweden

As Sweden's largest player in security testing, we can help you review everything from systems, networks, code and applications, to cloud environments and physical facilities.

To meet your needs, we provide both standardized approaches and custom remote access solutions, and are constantly developing our tools, methods and processes to meet the changing requirements of the security industry.

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why sentor?

Expert help that meets your needs

Largest group of hackers

Having the most penetration testers in Sweden provides us with a high delivery capacity and the highest possible quality.


Our size and our strict recruiting requirements have allowed us to build unique groups of specialists within a host of different technical fields, e.g.Web, Windows/AD, Cloud etc.


We place a lot of value on being sensitive and making adjustments based on the unique needs of your organisation.

A few words from one of our customers

“We rely on Sentor to check our websites and applications. We are very satisfied with the work that Sentor has performed over the years and the feedback we received. Clearly a trustworthy security partner.”

Christopher AnderssonCIO at Sevenday Finance

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We offer several contact routes and provide feedback as soon as possible. If you have sensitive information, we ask you to use the encrypted method.