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Managed Detection and Response

Detect and respond to cyber threats


New threats calls for new measures

As the threat from cyber criminals grows, so have the demands on organisations' ability to manage new security risks. At the same time, the system jungle is growing for many companies, as both on-premise and cloud environments are deployed with high frequency. The result is an unmanageable and in many cases vulnerable IT environment, ready to be exploited by attackers. The ability to identify and address these vulnerabilities, while having the capacity to quickly detect and respond to incidents when they occur, is a prerequisite for meeting the new threat environment.

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Unique combination of defensive and offensive SOC services

With our unique combination of offensive and defensive SOC services, you can run and grow your business with a high level of security. RedSOC, consisting of experienced security testers, will continuously test your organisation in order to identify weaknesses in your networks and systems, whether technical or structural. On the other side, BlueSOC is ready to maintain your organisation's internal defences by detecting and managing cyber threats around the clock. Together, both services help you achieve and maintain a high level of security in your organisation, even as threats and operations evolve.

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A few words from one of our customers

We rely on Sentor to check our websites and applications. We are very satisfied with the work that Sentor has performed over the years and the feedback we received. Clearly a trustworthy security partner.”

Christopher AnderssonCIO at Sevenday Finance


Benefits of combining Red and BlueSOC

Continuous testing

Through continuous scenario-based attacks, Red Team tests the resilience of both the organisation and BlueSOC over time

Increased detection capability

Thanks to Red Team's tests, missing log sources at BlueSOC can be identified and implemented, and new customer-specific use cases can be created.

Verifies vulnerabilities

With the help of scanning and threat intelligence, we can, depending on the scope of the service, verify if your business is exposed when new vulnerabilities are discovered.

Access to cutting-edge expertise

With both Red and BlueSOC, you get access to combined cutting-edge expertise in both offensive and defensive security.


why sentor?

A dedicated security partner

Cybersecurity natives

We work exclusively with cyber security. This means that we can always be at the forefront and give you as a customer the most up-to-date and proactive solutions for your security needs.

Vendor independent

No matter what technologies or suppliers you use, we always do our utmost to adapt our services and deliveries to the unique conditions of your business.

Big enough to scale, small enough to care

With experts in both offensive and defensive security gathered under one roof, we can give you as a customer better protection against all kinds of cyber risks that can threaten the success of the business.

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We offer several contact routes and provide feedback as soon as possible. If you have sensitive information, we ask you to use the encrypted method.