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About Sentor


Perfection doesn’t exist. That’s why we do.

At Sentor, we don't believe in perfection. It's a concept that suggests that you can achieve a final end goal within the field of security, with no room for improvement. Instead, we know that there is no way to build systems, apps or networks that are 100% secure or to create a solution that works for everyone to handle all of the threats posed by cybercriminals. Why? The digital landscapes that we all move in are changing all the time, and new cyberthreats are constantly being developed.

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Trusted security partner since 1998

Sentor was founded in 1998. Since the beginning, we have worked based on the knowledge that cybersecurity is a constant, ongoing battle, which requires experience, expertise and human intuition to be successful where automated scanning tools and programs fail. We also know that all of our customers have unique challenges, and over the years we have managed to develop a way of working that is characterised by tenacity and an ability to see possibilities in the unique needs of each of our customers. By learning about yourself and your business, we understand your specific threats and challenges, and we find the smartest way to give you as close to perfect protection as possible. Together, we make sure that you don't need to worry as much about security threats, and instead you can focus on the things that matter most: Your business.

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Enable your business

Our mission

We enable organisations to exist in a digitally connected world by fearlessly securing open­ness, enabling digital innovation and fighting evil.

Our vision

It's our business to make sure that security doesn't get in the way of our customer's business. We evaluate core businesses and the associated risks, and guide our customers to the smartest ways to protect themselves.

Our values

We are true experts, always available for our customers, and we aim to make something as challenging as security fun.

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We offer several contact routes and provide feedback as soon as possible. If you have sensitive information, we ask you to use the encrypted method.