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New framework for financial institutions

In recent years, cyber threats have emerged as one of the biggest risks to financial stability. To address this growing threat, the ECB issued the TIBER-EU (Threat Intelligence-Based Ethical Red Teaming) framework in 2018. The framework is designed to improve resistance to cyberattacks within the financial sector by exposing organisations to realistic attacks – so-called Red Team Testing – and use these to learn about what works and what needs improvement.


What security requirements are imposed by TIBER?

White team

Affected actors shall establish a White Team responsible for coordinating all activities related to the test

Blue Team

Affected actors shall establish a Blue Team to defend the organisation and learn from the test results

Red Team

Affected actors shall engage third-party providers for Threat Intelligence and Red Teaming to attack the organisation and identify deficiencies and vulnerabilities


Actors affected by TIBER-SE are responsible for managing and organising their own testing, and ensuring that it complies with the framework

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Benefits of combining Red and BlueSOC

Combining RedSOC and BlueSOC creates several advantages from a security perspective. In addition to the ability to continuously test the resilience of the organisation, RedSOC also contributes to BlueSOC's development. By testing different attack surfaces, RedSOC can provide BlueTeam with information about possible gaps and shortcomings in detection. This information can be used to produce e.g. new use cases, which help to strengthen BlueSOC's detection capabilities and provide more tailored protection for you as a customer.

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