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Investing in employee education will reduce risk


Knowledge is the best protection

No matter how much you invest in expensive technology and smart solutions, your IT will never be more secure than the people who work with it. A well-aimed phishing attack on untrained personnel, or a poorly developed application can, in the worst case, become an expensive lesson. By training your staff and making safety a natural part of the job, you reduce the risk of costly consequences due to the human factor.

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Train your staff with up-to-date knowledge

Our appreciated security courses are based on constantly updated knowledge combined with experience of having helped companies identify, understand and manage their risks for over 20 years.

The courses are developed and held by our security experts, and can be adapted to your organisation's specific needs.

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Our courses

Security for developers

Educate your developers in building secure systems and applications with our popular two-day course, and reduce the risk of having to spend time and money repairing damage afterwards.

OWASP top 10

Raise awareness of the most common vulnerabilities in web applications and learn how to avoid them at the OWASP Top 10 seminar.

Awareness training

Train all or part of your staff in identifying and managing threats to the business, such as phishing attacks, CEO scams and other social engineering.

ISO 27001 + ISO 27002

Get a thorough overview of the updates in ISO 27001 and 27002 and how you as an organization can work to comply with the new requirements.

Tailored education

Are you looking for something else? We also design tailor-made courses and seminars based on your needs and wishes. Contact us and we will tell you more!

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