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BlueSOC Network Monitoring

24/7 network monitoring and analysis by security experts

Network Monitoring

Secure IT - a prerequisite for your business

Today, more and more of our business is digital, from the systems we work in, to the production and distribution of what we sell. As a result, we have also become more vulnerable to cyber threats and technical failures, because when IT is at a standstill, everything is at a standstill. Proactively protecting your networks from threats and incidents is therefore essential to ensure the operation of your daily business, as well as compliance with various regulations and customer requirements.

network monitoring
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Network monitoring managed by experts 24/7

BlueSOC Network Monitoring is our fully managed network monitoring service. The service is staffed by experienced security analysts in our BlueTeam, who monitor your network traffic around the clock to detect malware, unauthorised scanning attempts, policy violations and other intrusion attempts. All alerts are manually validated and enriched, and incidents are reported and escalated to suit your organisation. In this way, our BlueTeam becomes an extension of your internal security team, with the aim of protecting your business from threats and incidents.

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why sentor?

Benefits of Network Monitoring from Sentor

Complete solution

The solution is customised and fully supported by us, so no additional products are required

24/7 monitoring

Monitoring is carried out around the clock and is managed by experienced security analysts in our BlueTeam

Comprehensive detection capability

Our detection capability is comprehensive and is updated with commercial signature feeds on an ongoing basis

Tailored protection

The detection capability is tailored and based on statistical analysis to identify reconnaissance activity and lateral movement in the environment

Few false-positives

The continuous adaptation and updated white listing results in few false-positives compared to other solutions

Suitable for any environment

We use sensors that can handle both high traffic networks and smaller, limited office networks

network monitoring

the service in brief

How to get started

1. Design meeting

Initial design meeting with you, the customer, to identify the location and number of sensors, specific requirements and configuration changes needed

4. Monitoring is activated

24/7 monitoring activated from Sentor's BlueSOC - service delivery begins

2. Sensors are sent

Pre-configured sensors sent to your chosen locations, including instructions for installation and necessary configuration

5. Adaptions

Continuous updates, adaptations and whitelisting throughout the service period

3. Sensors are connected

The sensors are connected by you as a customer, after which we verify communication and monitoring


6. Reporting

Monthly reporting and regular service meetings with your assigned Service Delivery Manager

Contact us

We offer several contact routes and provide feedback as soon as possible. If you have sensitive information, we ask you to use the encrypted method.